“They say that it’s not just an idea that creates a new but its also the hands that counts.” Handicrafts or Artisanal handicrafts that we call it is a precisely handmade, useful, or decorative item that is completely made by hand or specifically designed using only small tools. Handicrafts in India are the most traditional sector of crafts & have continued to flourish all this year. It constitutes of creative design activities that are related to making things with one’s hands & skill over textiles, mouldable & rigid materials, paper, plant fibers, etc.

Indian Handicrafts Industry is one of the oldest & earnest industry of India. It has been creating a livelihood for almost every people in the rural areas & now even developing chances of employment in the urban areas. But what’s saddening is continuously degrade in the condition of the handicraft industry in India. Handicrafts in India, which once provided full-time employment to multiple people have now faded as people are not getting the exact worth for their products which took an immense effort for them to design & create.

Converting a completely raw material into a specific design is like putting life to it. Giving your soul out to that specific design & bringing a completely new body to life is like giving birth which makes the handcrafted materials much more important. But this precise effort of the craftsmen is lost as they are not given the required respect they deserve. What is required right now, is to bring them to a platform that acknowledges their effort & founds immense pleasure in giving them the righteous place they deserve.

In this digital age, our age-old traditions, customs & arts have gone extinct. We through the medium of Thingsncrafts are trying to uplift our craftsmen & their trade practices. Ages ago, Indian weavers wove silk so fine that it could pass through the ring of your little finger. This art is now long gone. Several of such practices are long lost as the craftsmen were even not able to feed themselves with the continuous efforts they had paid.

I guess we have lost quite a lot & we got to preserve what we have got & uplifted the condition of Handicrafts & the industry.

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