India, the name says it all. India with 29 different states, 6 Union territories, 1 national territory, a population of 1,367,618,104(increasing one per second), multiple languages, multiple religion & traditions but still a single heart. India, we don’t just say it the land of Arts but we mean it. It is a land full not just of arts but also performing arts. The name India is derived from Indus, which originates from the Old Persian word Hindu, equivalent to the Sanskrit word Sindhu, which was the historic local appellation for the Indus river.

Indian art be it plastic arts (e.g. pottery, sculpture), be it visual arts (e.g. paintings), be it performing arts or textile arts (e.g. woven silk), truly depicts the rich heritage India adorns. All this while, Indian arts has undergone a major transformation but the origin of Indian arts can still be traced. Indian arts have a great sense of design & can be observed in its modern & traditional forms. Indian art has had cultural influences as well as religious influences such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity & Jainism. In historic art, sculpture in stone & metal, mainly religious, has survived the Indian climate better than other media and provides most of the best remains.

Rock art of India is the most ancient form of Indian arts shown descriptively in the form of rock relief carvings, engravings & paintings. Most of these paintings are widely inspired by the scenes of human life alongside animals, & hunts with stone implements. Apart, a number of gold, terracotta & stone figurines of girls in dancing poses reveal the presence of some forms of dance as well as metal carving. Additionally, the terracotta figurines included cows, bears, monkeys, & dogs.

India has always been a land of rulers & emperors and most of the historical structure are the images showing the art & architecture of India. All the statues & monuments in India treasures the art from the times of rulers & Emperors. Stupas & temples are the most typical Buddhist architectures of the ancient period. Along with these, Hindu Architecture with its monolithic rock relief & sculptures. Maximum of the monuments are from the times of the Rajputs & the Mughals which clearly shows their love for flora & fauna & traditional Persian style. Paintings of this time are much influenced by Persian miniatures, the Rajput paintings & the Pahari style of Northern India.

Time has brought immense change in the art form as per the influence of the time period. Over time, it had been greatly influenced by people who have lived here. Modern Art & Contemporary Art are no exception to it. But what hasn’t changed is the love & affection for arts that we hold.

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