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Those little hangings on the curtains that your friend brought you last month, or those beautiful vases that enchant your house, or those bedsheets that have those flowers painted that you use only when you have your friends over. Ever wondered how these beauties come into lives. How do all these ideas generate and how they flourish with time.

India has always been a shelter to all these crazy artists who have been doing miracles with their art and handwork. Their intricate designs and exquisite impressions have always been a reason to talk about for years. From the time of emperor & empress, things have been created according to preferences & using the available raw materials. No doubt, we are rich in handicrafts made even from grass & roots.

Even though the time has changed but the emotions these work hold has stuck people to their lineage & traditions. People, even today are highly indulged in procuring & producing these handicrafts as their major source of income. But with the active involvement of modern techniques & technologies, this hand generated stuff are losing their place in the market.

After roaming around to multiple of places and finding ourselves attracted to these creativities and seeing the deteriorating conditions of handicraft market, we came up with a platform of making a one shop stop for all your handcrafted needs. We believe that no person can stay happy after losing their roots and handicrafts have successfully emerged through time & tide. 

We have collaborated with multiple craftsmen excelling in their field & following their traditions. We constantly keep in touch with the people emerging in this field and try to stay updated with the latest innovation in this field as we also try to mix & match our ancestral techniques with the modern one.

We aim at providing you with the best pieces of artwork from every corner of India making it easier for all the art savvy people to access the best artforms sitting at the comfort of their own house. We have already confined a lot of such products at our store and are trying our level best to gather all these products.

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